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The Principles of Psychology - William James (1890)

The Scope of Psychology

Psychology is the Science of Mental Life, both of its phenomena and of their conditions. The phenomena are such things as we call feelings, desires, cognitions, reasonings, decisions, and the like; and, superficially considered, their variety and complexity is such as to leave a chaotic impression on the observer. The most natural and…


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Experiencing life is all a matter of perception: physical events exist only in our mental awareness of them. There is a popular Ch’an koan which asks: “if a tree falls in the woods, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?” The answer is no. What we call sound is only a disturbance in the atmosphere until it reaches something that can “hear” it, and a mind that can interpret it as a noise. A manmade mechanism left in the forest…


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Building Humor into Your Romance by Anne Marble

Building Humor into Your Romance

by Anne Marble

You may have heard the anecdote about the aged actor who was on his deathbed. An overeager student asked him what it was like to die. The actor replied, "Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

In many ways, that actor was right. Humorous romances can be hard to write.…


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Your resume looks great, but how’s your Jenga game?

How do you uncover a person’s true character in a job interview? When people know they’re being evaluated, they of course put on their best behavior and play nice. But are they really? You can ask them what they’re like, but will they tell the truth?

Here’s a fun way to uncover an…


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Buddha and the devil

The devil said to Buddha:

“It isn’t easy being the devil. When I talk, I have to use enigmas so that people don’t perceive the temptation. I always need to appear smart and intelligent, so that people can admire me. I spend a great deal of energy convincing a few disciples that hell is more interesting. Now I am old, I would like to send you some of my pupils.”

Buddha knew that this was a trap: if he accepted the deal, he would become the…

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Curiosities about the English language.

I readed this on the net and I thought very interesting. So I'd like to share it with you all! Enjoy it!…


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