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Crimes and crime words:

Some of these may only be Australian. US native speakers are welcome to comment.

The words

Robbery = A robber takes something from you and you know they are taking it because you are there and they are threatening you. If a robber stops you in the street he is holding you up. It is a hold-up. If a robber has a weapon (I guess they usually do) it is called armed robbery.

Theft = A thief takes something from you and usually you don't know until you discover that it has gone. Some types of thieves: pickpockets, shoplifters, burglars

To steal = to commit a theft. (If someone does a crime, we always say that they commit the crime)

Burglary = A burglar breaks into your house and steals something. If you wake up and catch him, and then he threatens you and takes something from you, then he is also a robber.

How to use the words:

A robber robs a person of something.

A thief steals something from a person.

A burglar burgles a house and steals something.

Other words and uses of words:

Highway robbery If you hear someone exclaim "That is highway robbery!" they are just complaining that a price is too high.

Rip-off = If you rip something off you steal it. It can also mean that a shopkeeper or business person has cheated you by selling you something that is worth less than the money you paid. Also if you copy the design of something we call it a rip-off'.

It's a steal means that it is a very cheap price.

We say that a corrupt official who is accepting bribes is on the take.

My apologies to all of the female criminals. I have used the masculine in this blog to refer to both male and female.

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