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PUT -- a phrasal verb that needn't frazzle you

I think phrasal verbs must be one of the biggest challenges in English because they are so irregular. Portuguese may be complicated, but it is about 100 times more regular than English. I am happy to be learning Portuguese instead of English!

Let's look at PUT. We'll put it through its paces! ( = make it work so that we can observe it)

to frazzle = to overwhelm a person so that they become nervous or confused. "I was trying to cook dinner while everyone was shouting at me. I became so frazzled that I burnt the steak."

put on = to dress in (clothes)

You can also 'put on an act', behave in an artificial or manipulative manner. "When she discovered that she was not invited to the party, she really put on an act, yelling and screaming and throwing things. Finally they had to GIVE IN (surrender) and invite her"

put off = to postpone,

also to cause a person to not like something. "I watched 'City of God' but did not enjoy it. All of the violence put me off" (not true actually. I did like it, but the violence certainly was not much fun)

put in = to add a comment to a conversation "I think that we should all go to the beach", he put in.

Also to contribute money to a collection "We can all put in $5 and get a good meal"

put out = to put somone out is to cause them inconvenience.

to be put out = if someone is put out they are offended (active use = inconvenience, passive use = offended)

('to put out for' someone means to make oneself sexually available)

put around = to spread information, especially a rumour or gossip 'She put around that there would be a party that weekend'

put inside = to place something inside something

but with no object it means to be sent to jail. 'After robbing the shop, he got put inside for a year'

put behind = to place something behind something

but it also has a special meaning to forget a bad experience, or to carry on with life in spite of the bad experience. 'After being very upset about the timetable clash, she decided to put it behind her and hope that she could return to the class in the next semester.'

put in front of = to place something in the front

It can particularly be for making a suggestion or a proposal. "After weeks of being frustrated that they could not find time to talk, he put a suggestion in front of her that they set a regular time. "

put down = to write down, to humiliate, to place on the floor.

Also to euthanase an animal.

put up = you can put up a picture on the wall or a sign outside your office, also to give somebody accommodation.

Also to 'put up with' is to tolerate, Also you can put up a price

put to = to suggest. 'He put it to her that they could buy a house closer to the beach' Also in court: 'I put to you that, at the time of the crime, you were at the end of the street, watching for the police.'

put away = to put it into the storage place where it belongs. 'When my young cousins come I always put my computer away before they arrive. Last time I let them touch it they nearly smashed my monitor.' 'Please put away the dishes after you have washed them'.

Also when someone eats a lot. "He can eat a lot! Last week I saw him put away 4 pizzas in one sitting!"

put over = to deceive. 'He said that he had done the work but underneath it was not finished. He tried to put it over me.'

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