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Note: This is about how Australians say goodbye. North America has some differences

Goodbye: This is rather formal. You would only say it to a friend if you were angry.

Bye: Ok for general use, but if you want to reassure (acalmar) the other person that you want to see them again, use another expression. You could say bye for now, perhaps.

See you later, See you: If you intend to see the person again in the future but you may not have a plan.

See you soon: If you have a plan to see this person again soon and want to reassure them that you remember this plan.

So long: This is a North American expression. We don't use it. You can use it the same as 'See you later'.

See you around: If you accept the idea of seeing the person again but have no plan.

Ciao: =Tchau, except that the Italians have taught us this expression, so we use the Italian spelling

Cheers A happy, rather British way to say goodbye. more or less like 'See you later'

Cheerio [Tchíriô] An Australian farewell or greeting. If you say 'Cheerio' to someone, you mean 'See you later'. As a noun it means a greeting:: 'I want to send a cheerio to my Auntie Bev'.

Farewell, Adieu Poetic or literary use only. Generally it is permanent.

I bid you a fond farewell A nice poetic way to say goodbye. It is so poetic that it cannot be permanent


Repartee (respostas argutas)

See you later, Alligator -- In a while, Crocodile. (These words are only used because they rhyme)

See you later -- Not if I see you first



Nouns (substantivos): a farewell, a send-off (= a farewell party)

Verbs: To farewell, To say goodbye to

Adjectives: goodbye or farewell. A goodbye kiss, a farewell party

In e-mails

Say anything here if you want to, but, really, it is the duty (obligation) of Brazilians to continue saying 'Hugs' or 'Kisses' in e-mails. We love it and we need to learn from you how to be more affectionate!

In a formal e-mail for business, it is best to say Regards.

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Comentário de Anjalluz em 9 abril 2008 às 20:21
I loved this one : Cheers!
Comentário de suzana em 15 abril 2008 às 12:10
Nice posting thnaks for sharing.. Greetings SUZANA/CURITIBA
Comentário de túlio a. s. siman em 15 abril 2008 às 12:46
i'm checking...
very good!
this will help very people! how i
Comentário de túlio a. s. siman em 15 abril 2008 às 13:13
ps.: "see ya" também pode neh?
veijo muito em tirinhas americanas...
Comentário de Tatiana de Matos Zago em 31 outubro 2008 às 12:58
How can i say "ADEUS' forever in English?
Goodbye? Is it correct?


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