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Hello Brazilians!

I am a native English (and Spanish speaker) from New York and I'm really interested in teaching English AND in learning Portuguese.

I am moving to Sao Paulo for at least two months in a week and I want to to make friends and learn some basics.

Falemos! Is that right?


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Comentário de Eli Soares em 30 abril 2010 às 15:32
Hey, nice to meet you!
My e-mail anda messenger MSN is
My facebook is!/profile.php?id=100000785631895&ref=mf

Falemos is better you say "Vamos nos falando!"
Comentário de Eli Soares em 30 abril 2010 às 15:33
Hey... i living also in New York (Riverdale) in the Bronx at College Mount Saint Vincent. Bye!
Comentário de João Jorge em 30 abril 2010 às 22:19
Dear Yohanca
My name is Jorge. I´m from São Paulo. I was reading what you wrote and thought: "we really can help us", cause I need improve my english and this´s a great opportunity and you want to learn português, so we can to change it.
Ok, nice to talk to you
Jorge, bye
Comentário de Roberta Bernardes em 1 maio 2010 às 2:48
Hey there!

I'm from São Paulo and I'm living here too!
If you wanna we can be friends ;)

What will you do here in SP? Work? Study?
Let's keep in touch!

See ya!
Comentário de Antonio Souza em 4 maio 2010 às 11:17
Hi, Yohanca! My name Is Antonio. I'm from Brasilia-DF., and I'm learning English and Spanish. My MSN is Add me! Maybe we can pass great tips for each other!
Comentário de Kelly Ribeiro em 17 maio 2010 às 14:53
Hi Yohanca...I think that´s be good !!! I help you in portuguese and you help me in english ! I need to speak and write english very fast! My MSN is, but I´m from Rio de Janeiro
Comentário de Moisés Medeiros em 17 maio 2010 às 15:13
Hi Yohanca, I don't speak and write english very well! I think you can help me with english and I help you with portuguese! add me:
Comentário de Nelson Montilhia em 19 maio 2010 às 12:50
Hello Yohanca. I'd feel honoured to help you learning Portuguese. my MSN is
Comentário de Anderson Lima em 31 maio 2010 às 23:29
Oi Yohanca,
para você praticar já escrevo em português.
Seu pude ajudar, conte comigo... msn:
Até mais,
Fique com Deus!
Comentário de EZEQUIAS DOS SANTOS em 14 junho 2010 às 8:58
ok yohanca i live in brazil and can teach portuguese my msn i like grammar of portuguese
and i love english too...count on me


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