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Hello! I'm starting in Inglês Verde e Amarelo, and I hope to better my English and learn more about you. I love music and sometimes I record in my computer , not only popular songs but my own songs.

I studied English in a Public School in Maynard, MA, but I have problem in pronunciation and, sometimes in writting.

I'm adding a Fagner brasilian song, that I record using a Karioke in my computer. Please, don't be mad with me hearing my voice!

Baixe Canteiros.mp3

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Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 3 dezembro 2007 às 13:06
Welcome to the community Celso!

Thanks for the song, I am sure everyone will enjoy it.

Please join the 'Aula de Pronuncia,' which you can find on the front page, near the top left of the page. There we will do a lot of exercises to work on pronunciation.



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