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Death Penalty is one of the most difficult themes in our society.
Many people accept this way for an adequate judicial system while others disagree.
Much more frequent than we know, justice mistakes happen.
Therefore, it isn't necessary to be a great intelligence to perceive that many innocent people died as well.

Someone who agree on this issue says that the crime decreased in the states which accept this kind of execution.
There are many organizations who believe that the death penalty is the right punishment for the murders, for example.
In fact, sometimes when we're watching news on tv increase our feeling in favor of death penalty.

Other people are opposed of execution. They think very different about it. It's an human rights violation and against the religious thought as well.
Many NGO's in favor of human rights have been working to raise awareness and they are reaching the objective.

I disagree of death penalty. This executions are violations of the ethic. We have to looking for a right debate and trying to revert this situation as a human being.

Everyone talks about the ethic and try to judge other people but when they look at the mirror, just see a lonely face.
they should to break this mirror and learn to hear and to understand the other.

See you later

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