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I was registrating in this website, and one of the questions they made me (and certainly made you) was:
What is your english level?

Let me see.. I have no idea! I answered advanced english, but I'm afraid it's not true.
Actually, I don't know. I learned english mostly at home. I took some classes a few times, but it wasn't enough.
Well, then I watched tons of films without subtitles, I travelled abroad, I studied grammar, I read lots of books, magazines and websites in english, etc etc etc. I'm sure I'm not a newbie. But ADVANCED sounds like I'm pretty sure about my english level, sounds like I speak, listen, write and read english perfectly. It sounds like I speak english just like a native. I don't know if I can. I'm not sure. I'm taking the TOEFL next year, and then I could convince myself I am ACTUALLY in an advanced level of english learning (of course, because learning never ends), or not =D

I'm writing this blog from now on, and I hope you leave lots of comments, and correct me if I write something wrong. As I said before, learning never ends. I'm also willing to help anyone who thinks I know english enough, and to spend time talking with native speakers.

Have a nice weekend. Tons of kisses!

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