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I'm so nervous!
I actually want to believe that I can study in the top colleges, that's my dream, that's what I want for my life, but I often find myself doutbting, questioning, "what if that's not enough?.." what if, what if, what if!
I'm sure I have to believe in it, but being honest, I'm so nervous, and at this moment, I feel so unprepared, so insecure.
I passed the placement test to take a course which is supposed to prepare me for the TOEFL. I passed with a very good score. The minimum grade to enter is "Upper Intermediate", and I was evaluated like advanced (yes, now I can say I am, in fact, an advanced english learner).
But the classes are going to happen just exactly in the time I can't go. Tuesdays, at night. So I have no idea what I'll do now. Maybe I'll take advanced classes, in writing skills this semester and in listening and speaking skills in the next one. Of course the focus wouldn't be the same, but learning english is always learning english, and those class can do nothing but help me, including in my TOEFL score.
Wish me good luck, ok? Thanks a lot. =]
I'll be studying the most I can.

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Comentário de Pedro Junior em 9 julho 2008 às 2:56
then, good luck :)


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