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My life nowadays could be compared to a car-chasing dog: excited and active, but somehow pointless and stupid. Nah, I´m not depressed or anything... it´s just that there´s a certain stage in your life when you occasionally stop and wonder "what have I been doing with my life up to now?". My current answer is: chasing cars. As a metaphor, we could say that the cars I chase are those big life goals that are not supposed to be ran after, but gradually and unadvisedly enjoyed (e.g.: "hey... I´M IN LOVE!"). It´s just that it´s sometimes so boring and frustrating just waiting for things to happen. I wish I could haste my fate just a little. Find a nice girl, buy a nice apartment, find out my objective on Earth... small stuff. While none of these happen, I´ll squeeze out every drop of happiness from every moment... maybe THIS is how you haste your fate.

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Comentário de Carolina em 27 agosto 2008 às 18:35
Hi there!! Loved your post... When I come to think about what I've been doing in my life, I feel the same. It's tough to wait for things to happen and wonder how life it´s going to be like.

Sorry for coming from nothing to comment on your blog. Just found your post interesting.

See you!


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