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There´s a film that just sums up what I want to let out of my chest tonight: Chaplin´s Modern Times. Right in the beginning, it shows a factory worker who has been doing the same movement for so long that his body was just unable to stop doing it. This is what could be called "mind numbness": when you´re so used to doing something that you just can tell if it´s right or wrong. And then, on any given day in your life, someone shows up and shows you that what you used to think to be correct in fact wasn´t, and you start feeling a little helpless. It might sound (or look) weird, but this is the time to rejoice. This is the time you realize that there´s still much to be done in life, and you can always upgrade yourself a bit more. Chaplin´s worker found his way out of his misery after reinventing himself several times over. There´s no reason why I should panic.

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Comentário de Carolina em 31 agosto 2008 às 0:46
I simply love this movie...
And about what you've written, that's so true... Sometimes we do something so many times that it turns to automatic. You can`t even notice what you're doing anymore, we end up becoming numb and ineffective. In my opinion, doing something repeatly without noticing it, is one of the reasons we have that feeling that time is passing too quick. We can't perceive every little thing we're doing.

Nice post, that was a bit poetic though.

See you!


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