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My films, my songs and the secrets of the universe - Episode I: "City Lights", by Charlie Chaplin

While writing about "Modern Times" I recalled many other films that made me think and *chuckles* become wiser. We´re all familiar to this feeling: we´re watching some given film or listening to some given song when we realize that the film´s or song´s message has got to you and made you think about life. For a second, the universe ceases to be mysterious and becomes simple. A number or films and songs have led me to these moments of efemerous enlightenment before and I, now, feel compelled to write about them. I decided to start with my all-time favourite film, Chaplin´s City Lights.
The plot is as simple and straightforward as plots can be: The Tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl and makes whatever effort to get his girl out of darkness, in every sense of the word. In order to get closer to the girl he plays a millionaire and leads her to believe he´s indeed wealthy. To help him with his endeavour, enters one of the most brilliant characters ever - the millionaire that only recognizes The Tramp when he, the millionaire, is drunk. In other words, The Tramp has to picture himself as a millionaire to be "seen" by the girl and as a friend to be "seen" by the drunk millionaire, for none of them can see him as who he really is; bottom line, this is a film about blindness, both physical and social.
While I was watching the flim, I came to realize that that scenario was way more usual than we admit. Most of us are NOT seen by people around us. May it be either for shyness or for social prudence, the fact is that we hardly ever picture ourselves as who we are; we don´t see people as they are; we´re all blind. Among all, only the man/woman in the mirror has got the eyes to see what lies before him/her.
After this moment of emptiness, came the fulfillment. Maybe this is where the term "true colors" comes from: in order to be seen, one has to find out his/her true color and bathe in it, drink it, spray it around. Only by glowing your true colors can you find out how the world reacts to your true self; then, finding your own place in the universe could become less complicated.
However, there are two kinds of blindness: the one shrouded in darkness and the one caused by excess of light...

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Comentário de Carolina em 31 agosto 2008 às 23:59
I do not know if I told you while we were chatting that you sound very intense for me in every post... I really mean it.

We look at people's faces but we're not able to see what they really are and we're not seen as well.
Very deep the part you talked about blindness caused by excess of light, and that's so true, sometimes we see something apparently so enchanting and amazing to ourselves, and it turns to be the most incredible lie of all the time. How can we find out somebody's true colors?

See you!


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