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2K has brash PS4 and Xbox One players not to

2K has brash PS4 and Xbox One players not to download WWE 2K16's new 'Future Stars' DLC until it has apprenticed an affair causing save abstracts to become corrupt.According to online letters the new DLC introduces a bug that wipes save abstracts affiliated to the game's Cosmos Madden 17 Coins Admission potentially crumbling hours of progress. The affair abandoned affects players on PS4 and Xbox One about with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions said to be unaffected."We're acquainted of an affair some users are experiencing with Cosmos Admission save abstracts affiliated to the Approaching Stars Backpack DLC" 2K wrote in an amend on its forum. "After antecedent analysis we've activate this affair abandoned affects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users will not acquaintance this issue. "If you are an animate Cosmos Admission amateur on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One we acclamation cat-and-mouse to download the Approaching Stars Backpack until we in fact investigate and boldness the issue.

EA has said that it estimates the accustomed animate aeon install abject to be 55 amateur acceptance us to plan out how abounding Xbox One consoles acquire been awash to consumers NFL 17 Coins."The animate purchases are up through the end of agenda year '15 our appraisal is 55 amateur units out there which has exceeded about everyone's anticipation for the year and now about 50% college than antecedent animate aeon so all of that is veryvery positive" said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during endure night's broker call.While Microsoft hasn't offered any adumbration of Xbox One sales in over a year Sony has been blessed to advertisement its PS4 success for all to apprehend – a lot of afresh advertence 35.9 amateur PS4 consoles had been sold. The PS4 bulk makes it in actuality simple to appraisal Xbox One install abject to be in the arena of 19 million.Now 19 amateur is a abundant abode for Xbox One to be and Microsoft has said sales are up compared to the Xbox 360's aboriginal years. It's just that Sony has done so able-bodied with the PS4.

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