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7 Fashion And Beauty Tips I Want My Future Daughter To Know

Don’t fret, mom and dad: I’m not pregnant. Nor do I wish to be for a good nine years or so (a physic told me I’d have kids at 30, so I’m going to go with that). But this doesn’t stop me of dreaming of my future daughter. I’ve always wanted a little girl — boys just aren’t my thing (#noshame). They like Thomas the Tank Engine and Lego, and the chance of them peeing in your face is roughly 90 percent higher than the odds of a girl doing the same (something I’ve gathered from experience).

Personally, I’m only into Lego if we’re talking about Agabag’s new Lego purses which are surprisingly, exceptionally cool. I’m even one of those people who already has about 17 names for my daughter picked out in the notes on my phone at this very moment. (What do you think? Poppy or Kit?)

Don’t get me wrong: Boys aren’t all bad, but I look forward to connecting with my girl by handing down clothes and doing her makeup. I want to rub blush into her face when she puts too much on and braid her hair on picture day. I can’t wait to let her paint my nails (and probably the rest of my fingers). And I will definitely let her give me a makeover while I take a nap. Of course, I’d never want to be one of those moms who’s into controlling the way her daughter looks, or who shames her for her appearance. I won’t make her wear makeup if she doesn’t want to, either. But I do want to pass on to my future little girl beauty and fashion advice that I think will never fail her — advice meant to lift her up. Here are seven of my tips for Poppy and Kit (twins maybe?).

1. Wear What Makes You Feel The Most Like You

Hey girl, if you want to wear rain boots on a sunny day, do it. If your heart is aching to wear a tux to prom, you better do it. I don’t want you to ever feel like you are crawling out of your skin or wearing something to impress anybody but yourself (me included). As long as you look in the mirror and love what you’re wearing and it makes you feel the youest you that you can be, then please wear it, bun.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Hi, it’s your mother! If you don’t know if you “should” wear the bell bottoms or the homemade flower crown, or even the crystal eyeliner from the Rodarte show, I’m telling you to go for it. Life is way too short to care about what people will think, so when in doubt, go crazy and have fun.

3. Less Is More

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Now I know this may seem a little contradictory to what I’ve been telling you, but I am talking about things like foundation and bronzer here. Don’t cover up your pretty face too much. Foundation is not supposed to be a mask; it should look like your skin. If you’re breaking out, we will figure it out, but more makeup is not always the answer. And bronzer should simply enhance the glow that your skin already has. So try not to over-apply if you only want to do so in an attempt to cover up your naturalness.

4. Focus On Feeling Healthy, Not Losing/Gaining Weight

Don’t ever be afraid to eat, but be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. Like they say, your body is a temple, after all. Consume the things that make you feel good — emotionally, physically and otherwise. Try not to prioritize numbers or scales — because that’s definitely unhealthy.

5. Take Care Of Your Hair And Brows

If you look after your hair and brows regularly, this could make a huge difference. It may sound simple, but wash your hair when it’s greasy, use leave-in conditioner every two weeks, and get the occasional blowout if you know it will make you feel good. Try not to over-pluck those brows either, boo. You might find yourself wanting thicker and fuller caterpillars within a couple of years.

6. Moisturize

If you listen to nothing else I’ve told you, I want you to remember to moisturize. I don’t care if you’re tired, drunk, or if you’re having a sleepover with a boy or girl, do not forget to keep your skin moisturized. It’s so crucial if you want to enjoy looking your age, at your age. And in general, it’ll keep your skin bright and glowing, as it’ll be constantly fed with hydrating ingredients.

7. Give Compliments

This is almost as important as moisturizing (just kidding). When you make others feels good about themselves and lift them up, it will only make you more beautiful. This is the best piece of advice I can give you.

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