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Images of sugar plums danced in the heads of spirited fashion enthusiasts, in anticipation of the holiday. The invitations began to arrive at the homes of Mr. Triple X fans in the LA area. This was sure to be one of the most eagerly awaited fashion events of the season.

On December 19, 2015, at an upscale private location in Los Angeles, California, the Affluent Attache' Club, "Carte Blanche to Luxury Lifestyle", and Club creator of the ultimate work-life balance lifestyle for its 'on the go' clientele, hosted an elaborate Winter Wonderland Soiree' featuring the latest Mister Triple X Winter Collection, direct from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Miami's Art Basel, an opening fashion show byMichael NGO, an energetic musical performance by a recording artist that has worked with John Legend known as Josh Moreland, a chance to admire the newest luxury vehicle from the title sponsor, Tesla, and a divine spread of complimentary cocktails, such as Moreno Sparkling Wine, and creatively prepared 'H'orderves' consisting of tequila infused strawberries and sinful dessert treats. Belladonna Sweets supplied these tasty final delights.

The Winter Wonderland Soiree hosted by Affluent Attache' Club and taking place on December 19, 2015, presented the fashions of Michael NGO and Mister Triple X.

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Dressed to perfection, guests arrived with an unwrapped toy in hand to demonstrate the art of giving as they participated in the Fundraiser/Toy Drive to benefit Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

As snowflakes danced on the curtains in front of the audience, a gorgeous red Tesla Model S tantalized guests. It stretched across the wide expanse of stage, along with some of the company's products and complimentary rides for those curious to see what Tesla is all about.

Guests were totally taken by surprise as the innovative designs of Michael NGO kept fashion fueled this holiday season with a frenzy of looks ranging from ice princess in winter white shorts, white bra top, and splendidly warm short jacket finished off with white boots, coal black mens' outfits, futuristic silver panels and patterns combined with neutral black, shiny mens' shorts, leather backpacks and a whole lot more.

Cellphones were ready to flash and front row guests were filled with excitement as they cheered the sultry styles of the highly recognized designer, Erik Rosette, and his Mister Triple X fashion collection for men and women. Erik has been instrumental in spreading good cheer all year round with his Art Hearts Fashionextravaganza in Los Angeles, Miami and New York and using it as a social platform to educate his followers on many illnesses and diseases that desperately need more attention such as HIV Aids. Golden and black patterned pieces, full length dinner jackets to be worn by women and men in a couple of fabrics, leather and netting, ruffled mini dresses in simple black or white hues and gowns of glory were the top highlights of this latest collection.

As the confetti went flying and the cocktails were overflowing, each and every attendee could be heard whispering "What a remarkable evening this has been."

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