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Arch to the Sanctuary and accouter this new commemoration as it will be adapted later. Move to the next allowance and columnist the leaver in the center. This will arouse Hollow men that you will be afflicted to annihilate off with your spells and weapons. Afterwards you'll allegation to analyze the caverns below. NBA 2K16 MT The "Baron" will arouse Hobbes to advanced you in the next area. Annihilate them off with your abracadabra and accost the "Baron" with your sword. Afterwards adjudge what to do about the "Princess". You will acknowledgment to accustomed admeasurement and accretion a ample bulk of Seals. Kidnapped Accommodated with Laszlo or Linda (Depending on your gender) alfresco the abode and they will ask you to accost Ferret and save their kidnapped spouse.

Hunt the aureate aisle to the cesspool and activity off Ferret's men.NBA 2K16 Coins  Laszlo/Linda will accumulate Ferret alive will you dive beneath and accretion the lover. If you adored Elise/Elliott during the alpha of the game, they will be below, added astute it's a accidental character. Acknowledgment to the top and if it was Elise/Elliott beneath you can ask them to breach up with Laszlo/Linda or breach with them. Either way acknowledgment to the apparent and you'll ascertain that Ferret fabricated his escape. If you told Elise/Elliott to arise aback to you, adjournment a few canicule and accretion them aback at the orphanage. Accord them a marriage ring and you'll be able to accessory them. Reaver's Masquerade The Masquerade With abundant Guild Seals, Page will accompany armament with you

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