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Blade and Soul Guide: Destroyer Skills Combo for PVE and PVP

The Destroyer’s skills focus on keeping an opponent on their heels. Taking advantage of their intimidating size, the Destroyer can readily stun, daze, and knock down opponents, making them vulnerable for the Destroyer’s signature move: the Grab. With little effort, the Destroyer can lift and hold their struggling opponents in the air, allowing for a multitude of finishing moves, either from themselves, or from a combo with a party member.

Here are some information about it which is from BladeSoulGold.

The Destroyer in Play
The Destroyer focuses on dealing two types of damage: Earth or Shadow. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items. Focusing around these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to end-game dungeons.

While in a party, the Destroyer’s preference for the front line does not translate into maintaining the attention of their enemies, as their threat generation is low. Instead, their strength and high endurance provides ample opportunity to provide support—rescuing downed allies, protecting the more vulnerable from harm, or specializing in removing afflictions from their party. They also excel at setting up group combos for their other team members to take advantage of.

In Arena PvP, the Destroyer can easily escape any attempts to hold them down by simply spinning away. Get your opponent to throw away the cooldowns of their limited bns power leveing escapes, and then overwhelm them with a variety of stuns and knockdowns.

Common Combos
1. Blitz (1)
2. Grab (F)
3. Power Slam (Z)
4. Upward Block (4) (Tier 4 Stage 1)
5. Piledriver (F)
1. Body Kick (Z) Tier 3 Stage 1
2. Emberstomp (3) Tier 3 Stage 3
3. Grab (F)
4. Headbutt (X) Tier 3 Stage 1
5. Execute (X)
6. Knee (F) Tier 1 Stage 1

PvP Combo
1: Axe Sweep (4)
2: Grab (F) Tier 3 Stage 2
3: Emberstomp (3) Tier 3 Stage 2
4: Blitz (1) Tier 4 Stage 1
5: Judgement (LMB) Tier 4 Stage 2
6: Cleave (RMB) Tier 4 Stage 2
7: Judgement (LMB)
8: Cleave (RMB)
9: Ram (2) Tier 4 Stage 2
10: Judgement (LMB)
11: Cleave (RMB)
12: Judgement (LMB)
13: Cleave (RMB)
14: Stone Shield (V) Tier 4 Stage 4
15: Judgement (LMB)
16: Cleave (RMB)

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