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The devil said to Buddha:

“It isn’t easy being the devil. When I talk, I have to use enigmas so that people don’t perceive the temptation. I always need to appear smart and intelligent, so that people can admire me. I spend a great deal of energy convincing a few disciples that hell is more interesting. Now I am old, I would like to send you some of my pupils.”

Buddha knew that this was a trap: if he accepted the deal, he would become the devil, and the devil would become Buddha.

“You think it’s fun to be Buddha,” he answered. “Besides having to do the same things that you do, I also have to stand what my pupils do to me! They put in my mouth words that I never said, hold me to my teachings, and insist that I be wise the whole time! You would never stand a life like mine!”

The devil was convinced that changing roles was really a bad idea, and Buddha avoided the temptation.

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