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Canada Goose Jackets Sale Don is the father to retrieve the laughter, the parents who do not know, late autumn in a small quilt to be wrapped on the street, his father saw him though cold shiver, but rushed straight father laugh. Father more than 60 years old with no family took him when his son, and with the father surnamed Tang,Canada Goose Women's Jackets from the Ming Jiaotang laugh.Don smiled and father lived together for 16 years, feeling great, after the death of father, Don was laughing sad not sleep for two consecutive days, and only the third day went to bed one morning, the fourth day of mourning on the withdrawal, it should be the first three days the afternoon.
Turned around and looked at the door, next door the afternoon of the third day the king will come to Aunt's daughter Wang Qinqin aunt Wang called his home to eat, stare up to five minutes, Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Jacket 1102 Black "thump thump" came the knock on the door! Open the door, a 14-year-old girl standing outside the door, the yellow jacket dark blue trousers, a Qing-Xiu Zhang's little face, watery eyes Hushanhushan, it is Wang Qinqin.See the little girl, Don can not help but laugh red eyes, the whole building and the little girl in Don's better to laugh, play small to large, Xiaoya head stooge and Don laughed as inseparable. Unfortunately, little girl 15 years old, Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Jacket 1108 Black that is, in May next year, little girl a sudden high fever, the king with her aunt near the noon rush to the hospital, the doctors do not try to start penicillin-sensitive, so Don got the news in time laughing to the hospital, the little girl has never had open eyes. To this end Dr. Tang Xiaoba burst and beat, interrupted the doctor directly rib, by others to court, Tang powerless, lost a lawsuit, Don smiled into juvenile detention for two years, completely ruined the school,Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Jacket 1115 Red Yan and Lin also cut off the only possible association between Lin Yan to change schools during this period went to the capital of Greater Phoenix. Even self-admitted later to college Tang laugh, and Lin Yan has also embarked on two very different way.A small girl came to see the hall, looked at with sympathy Don says with a laugh: "Don laughed brother, my mother told you to dinner!"

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"Ah!" Laughed Don did not give up:Canada Goose "girl! You see how old I am?"Little girl stared at him sullenly: "You great, two years older than I had!" Then could not help but chuckle "first come with me to buy salt, no salt, a home!" "Good!" Wang Qinqin Lively looked back, Don smiled secretly clenched his fists, no matter how it since I came back, they never let the pain continue.Tongzilou down across the road, Replica Canada Goose cross the road is a small supermarket, watching Wang Qinqin into the supermarket to buy salt, Tang laugh go to the supermarket next to the lottery point of sale.Fat aunt is actually very polite: "lottery it?"Don smiled to see Duijiang single, carefully placed jacket pocket, and then you see a small girl holding two bags of salt from the supermarket to come out.
Aunt Wang's husband died early, open a small shop for a living, Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Down Jacket - navy Tang has been a good laugh, almost generally treat him as a son, Don laughed almost half of small to big time in the king aunt house for dinner, the king secretly heard Aunt close Wang said the aunt who wants to move a pension-law Don laughed. Later, the little girl's death dealt a serious blow to the king aunt, had died more than a year on,Men Canada Goose Free Style Vest 1125 Brown this is Don heard about laughter in juvenile detention. If it is still a king aunt, Don will not laugh wretched, until suici Aunt Wang made a fried egg with vegetables, pork with a mushroom, they eat very little, but he kept the little girl to laugh and eat Tang. Side note to see Don smiling look, not too sad to see him the way, finally calm down, Men Canada Goose Free Style Vest 1124 Red I thought that the child be able to grief down the best, Tang last time was almost sad to see this child in the past, really worrying ah.

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Don laughed Canada Goose Sale almost to eat, I have the heart relies on advance reminder to the king aunt, said: "Auntie Wang, just heard something in the following, that is crossing in front of the hospital's"Aunt Wang curious said: "how?"Little girl is curious to see Don laughed."I have heard that the hospital has a doctor surnamed Wen, give emergency patients also do not try to fight penicillin sensitive, almost to a fever patient to death!"Auntie Wang said: "Really! That can get attention, I can always go to that hospital, did not pay attention to before, like be careful to see it!"
Don smiled nodded and said: "Yes ah!Fake Canada Goose Now medical malpractice may be more, some doctors and irresponsible, it must be careful!" I thought I could not even past life that beast girl victims are points out, under this king aunt The careful. Auntie does not mind the king here, said: "Don laugh ah! Tang is gone, no one to take care of you, After you eat in the house aunt Ha, dirty clothes to take over, aunt'll wash, Men Canada Goose Yorkville Parka Jacket 1117 Navy Blue and tomorrow I go to the hall where you received, your place deserted, and Men Canada Goose Yorkville Parka Jacket 1118 Redit is not, you have to aunt who lives in the line, I pick up the girl next door can stay under, "Aunt, No, I live right!" Don laughed deliberately did not watch the girl's eyes a look of hope, thinking that since God gave me the opportunity to re-come, I will firmly grasp, but the incredible ** certainly not less, or your own easy to live a little.After dinner, girl homework, Don returned to his home laughing.
Wood lying on the bed, the heart relies on Don smiled back to school tomorrow, and he has to face Lin Yan, and think of this blood on the Bay can not help the skin, fever, Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Parka Jacket 1009 Black Grey fists clenched, this must stop the tragedy. Anger at the thought, can not help but force a strike, severely beat a white wall near, just listen to "Crash" sound, walls suddenly broken basin actually a big hole. Tang was shocked to laugh, he did not so brilliant it, this is not rubbish after ten years, is the real deal concrete wall ah.


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