Ingles Verde Amarelo

Asking you to get in my heart
It’s not a joke, you know
Taking my feelings apart
That’s the way to make you grow

My thoughts are putting my head high
‘Cause all I can ask is “Why”
Why I have permitted myself doing such things like that
Putting myself sad
Doing things so bad
Making me so mad

Asking you to go out to my life
It’s like another one mistake
Cutting my heart like a knife
You have seem so fine
Walking in your line
While all I have is nothing more to remake

Black clouds around my mind
Showing me why I have been so shy
Stopping me to fly
Hurting me with no kind

When your are near me
I can’t stop doing this and I remind
All the things that you have done
Why I have put myself so blind

Get you out to my line
It ‘ll be a favor that I give to myself , and I will.
Thinking about us is not so fine
I am climbing the hill

Even insecure
I will climb the hill
I’m sure
Even so, I will

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