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Club Management And Game Operate in FIFA 16 Novice Guides

With the game, the player's physical value will be reduced gradually, this time will need to give the players use physical card, this fifa 16 points card can be in the store to buy or to buy in the market.

Club management
Management of the club is according to the hands of players to choose the best formation, can refer to the players the most suitable formations. The whole team chemistry the higher the score, has said the team's strength. Appear on the FIFA 15 GeTongKa if this does not do to join this function.

Buy player card need green point, it will need to spend money on. Don't want to top-up players can choose in the transfer market, according to league position, level, region, player screening for conditions, the transfer market and FIFA 15 makes no difference, players can use cheap FIFA coins to buy in the transfer market.

Game Operate
Game to players or operation computer simulation game, players operation depends on your technical strength, and use computer simulations on your team. Chemical score, the higher the odds when computer simulations will be higher.

Manual operation, this is a major change in tackling key hidden up, can press the sprint when defending, this function is to stay on the ball players, and press the tackle is a foot off the ball, but this method of stealing the ball if not hit the ball, will be the ball players away body position, to want to tackle downward sliding tackle key is ok.When on the attack, the pass is short, after efforts to hold the PASS a slot is a long, straight upward sliding pass is a ball.

FIFA 16 shot need long press to just go, otherwise the basic it is slow, shot. Skills can key in the Settings menu to open, because of this AI was strengthened, so expect to spend cheap FIFA 16 coins to buy skills, which are hard to anyone, it will be off the ball, unless they are some of the best players.

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