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Converse Jack Purcell new Carlisle shoe store

Here's one If you see something you want to look at at a table. WALK OVER TO IT! don't just stand there in the middle of the walkway with your mouth gaping open. I realize if you walk closer you may have the owner actually speak to you, and then you'll have to make some sort of connection with another human being, BUT GET OUT OF THE DAMN WALKWAY!!! Stoopid Gapers.

Ddiaz28, it's my first Wizard Con I will attend. Usually, in toronto, the FanExpo is in August and that's the big one to go. This one seems a bit smaller but, I could be wrong since it's my first.

AMERICA'S broadening interest in running, aerobics and similar leisure activities has rekindled competition among the nation's leading publicly held producers of footwear.
Nike of Beaverton, Converse KARA Shoes maker of Air Jordan basketball shoes, appears to be outrunning such competitors as Reebok International Ltd., Converse Inc. and Hyde Athletic Industries.
Some analysts believe that Nike's stock represents the best value among athletic footwear companies and that the company is best positioned to profit from a business that has become increasingly segmented over the last couple of years.
Nike, which had run up huge inventories in recent years in anticipation of a continuing 25 percent industrywide sales growth, was forced to cut prices to bring its production in line with sales.
''They've gotten rid of their excess inventory their biggest problem over the last year and a half,'' said Margaret A. Converse For Kids Gillium, an analyst at the First Boston Corporation.
In the second fiscal quarter, ended Nov. 30, Nike earned 25 cents a share, against a loss of 6 cents a share a year earlier. More impressive, perhaps, was the fact that results for the latest three months included a writedown of $4.8 million, or 13 cents a share, for the closing of Nike's factories in Maine and Ireland.
''I'm looking for a profit of $1.65 a share for the full fiscal year ending May 31, 1986,'' said Edward F. Converse All Star Leather Redbook Services. ''I'm also looking for earnings of 30 cents a share in the third fiscal quarter, contrasted to a loss of 6 cents a share a year ago.''
So funny gauleyboy yet so true. last year, I was in line with my GF to have a signature with Linda Hamilton and we waited 2 hours to then be stopped as it was our turn because she was going on a break but the guy before was having like, 20 pictures signed so he took too long. Honestly, my girlfriend and a few behind us started crying and yelling at that dude.

In a way though, I kind of blame the people who take care of the con. There should be a maximum of time spent with the starts or a maximum of comics/pictures to be signed. Also, if your in line, they should prepare in advance that if they need to bring the stars out for breaks, the people in line should know and not allow the line to get bigger.

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