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Do you know 65 ways to say "Good for you"??


EVERYONE KNOWS that a little praise goes a long way in any classroom.
But "a little praise" really needs to be something more than the same few phrases repeated over and over ad nauseum.
Students need more than the traditional "Good," "Very good" and "Fine" if encouragement is in the cards.
Here are some additional possibilities:

That's really nice.
Thank you very much.
That's great
I like the way you're working.
Keep up the good work.
Everyone's working so hard.
That's quite an improvement.
Much better.
Keep it up.
It's a pleasure to teach when you work like this.
Good job.
What neat work.
You really outdid yourself today.
This kind of work pleases me very much.
Congratulations. You only missed _____.
That's right! Good for you.
I bet your Mom and Dad would be proud to see the job you did on this.
I'm very proud of the way you worked (are working) today.
Excellent work.
I appreciate your help.
Very good. Why don't you show the class?
Thank you for (sitting down, being quiet, getting right to work, etc.).
Right on.
For sure.
That looks like it's going to be a great report.
I like the way Tom is working.

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Comentário de luiz carlos em 24 julho 2009 às 16:09
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