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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Best Striker is Ibrahimovic

If your team has one this player - Ibra, Ibra is one of the best players in the real football playing, you will have more chance to get fifa coins. The following will let you get more information about him.

Ibrahimovic costs around 400K and I use him in a 433 for formation, again a big shout out to the spam rose for loan in game. So you get the chance to check them out, I'm using this formation because Ibra is target man, all you need to do is getting the ball to him in the penalty box and he will work his magic.

Let's check his indicates that so you get a better idea of how good this player is 90 ball control, 85 dribbling 90 finishing, 93 shoot power, 88 longshot, 86 the jewel, the 85 reactions and 93 strength.

Getting now, to specialities he's a poacher, aerial threat, distance shooter, Acrobat,Clinical finisher, a complete forward, and he also has the flair, the long shot and the power free-kick, what you need to know about Ibra in fifa 16 is the fact that his lack of speed, it doesn't affect how good he is in game,if you go on a counter attack and he gets in front of the defender, the defender won't stand a chance of getting the ball back, because what Ibra lacks in speed, he makes up in power in strength, he's six-foot-four and he has great ball control and seen for a player death toll.

In some conditions, the Ibra is the best players to use to help you to win the games. If you want to get some fut 16 coins or fifa 16 points account to help you to buy some players, you can choose us to help you.

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