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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Details & Packs in Christmas Giveaway

Here we share some details for FUTmas. Find out when the best packs will be available and how you can take advantage from them this season. With Christmas approaching, EA is going to release some activities with special deals to celebrate Xmas. '16 Days of FIFA' social giveaway is going on, and the annual FIFA  Ultimate Team Coins Christmas promotion FUTMas is coming.

Let's start with the question "What is FUTMas ?"
FUTMas is an event created by EA Sports to celebrate Christmas. During the FUTMas, a new Happy Hour, a free pack or a new tournament will be available everyday.

When will the FUTMas for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team take place ?
It will take place between December 18th and January 2nd (to be confirmed), and the the schedule of FUTMas for FIFA 15 is announced only when it happens.

What kinds of special offers in FUTMas for FUT 16 ? 
Offers range from all day Happy Hours (24 hour pack offers), new online / offline tournaments, Lightning Rounds, Increased Chances and free packs such as Daily Gifts!

Is FUTMas for FIFA 16 same as '16 Days of FIFA' ?
No. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season. '16 Days of FIFA' is a social giveaway which EA offers special gifts to the followers of their social channels.

When will 100k packs be released ?
In the previous years, 100k packs were released on Boxing Day (26th December) as part of a set of lightning rounds (global limit), January 1st (limit of 2) and January 2nd 2015 (global limit). During Black Friday and Cyber Monday the 100k packs sold pretty quickly at times, so make sure you’re aware on the hour!

What are Lightning Rounds ?
Lightning Rounds are new rounds of happy hours every hour in which promo packs are available on the store until they run out. The lighting rounds take place every three hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

How will FUTMas affect the market ?
The FUTMas has a significant impact on the FUT 16 market, especially on days when the best packs are released (December 26th, January 1st and January 2nd). On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game. There are more cards on the market and the prices are lower. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.

When should We sell and buy cards ?
Around about now is probably a good time (give or take a few days). It's dawned on us at the sheer number of packs that will likely be available throughout the FUTmas promotion. If this is combined with a favourable TOTW, then prices will fall more than expected. It's extremely difficult to time price fluctuations and sell players at their short term peaks. Sometimes you have to accept a 'loss' in value in order to successfully make coins in the long run.

Which cards should We invest in?
Because of its lower offer, the downgrade of IF cards and best players (lower cardweight) is lower and more unpredictable. For this reason, we recommend you bet on buying NIF players or consumables up to 5k fifa coins. Its downgrade is much higher in percentage and can achieve, in some cases, prices 50% lower.

The best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible, preferably until the 18th, and (re)buy them again on the TOTY week, when the cards prices reach their lower peak. We suggest buying and selling several times during this season.

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