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Four Guys, an App and a Fashion Statement!

Fashion is something that is constantly evolving, almost on a daily basis. Trends change at the drop of a hat, and what’s fashionable today might be fashion suicide tomorrow. So you’d think that making an app for fashion is near impossible.

But four guys managed exactly that. Wooplr, started by Ankit Sabharwal, Arjun Zacharia, Praveen Rajaretnam and Soumen Sarkar, is today an extremely popular app that allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and also tells them where they can find clothes they like. Ankit Sabharwal, talks about how and why Wooplr happened...

So how’d Wooplr happen?

We started Wooplr because we wanted to change how people shop for fashion in India. We wanted to let people feel the joy of discovering something new online and then finding it. Wooplr lets people discover what people are wearing, and tell the community what they got and where. Our community has influencers and opinion leaders inspire shoppers.

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How did four guys end up developing an app about fashion?

The four of us were working at McAbee, where we used to sit together, and we started hanging out at team outings, and that’s how it all began. We discovered that our common passion was to start something. We also used to keep asking each other about where they got their clothes and accessories, and that’s what we wanted our app to do.

Sounds easy. Is online clothes shopping that simple?

Say someone posts what they wore to a party, you can then look at the dress and shoes they were wearing and you can shop for those things as well. It’s not really search-driven, because people don’t know what they want.

Are there any other apps like Wooplr out there?

Nope, and we are market leaders in India. We were the first ones and we met the first 600 of our influencers, got them to use the app and got their feedback. We created this space in India, and after using Wooplr, people began to realise the power of social media.

And how do you pick influencers?

In every community there are some influencers or key opinion leaders. They are the ones that adopt trends faster than the rest of the community. They are closer to fashion.

A large majority of the users are girls, have you specifically targeted them?

When we started with the app, we realised that fashion and women go really well together. And women are very oriented towards new discoveries in fashion. They’ll look at 10 different things and then only make a purchase, whereas for men it’s more functional. Almost all our users are women, and we want to concentrate only on them as it makes sense to us.

Origin of Wooplr

We looked at a lot of options, and then stumbled across the word woop. It was defined as a sound you make when you’re very excited, And then it became Wooplr.

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