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'Hello' Singer Ditches All-Black Ensembles In Favor Of A Stunning Red Coat

As Adele returned in the music scene and so her distinctive look will once again surface in every sites and screens. The 27-year-old superstar just recently released her third album and she just surprised everyone by wearing a stunning red coat, leaving her all-black signature clothing.

According to Us Weekly, the MBE was seen outside the Public Theater in New York City on Nov. 20, the same her new album was set for release. She was wearing a candy-apple red statement topper with fringed lining and black piping details.

The mother-of-one was seen on her blushed cheeks with a bouncy hairdo. However, she didn't leave her favorite dark colored outfits as she donned an all-black top paired with wide-legged pants, the same hued heels and a pair of shades, hiding her trademark winged eyeliner.


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In fact, the hitmaker once said: "I'm like Johnny Cash. I only wear black." Meanwhile, CNN reported that her album "25" might break NSYNC's "long-standing one-week Nielsen-era" with its 2.42 million U.S. record sales, as predicted by the industry forecasters.

It is quite expected that Adele's new LP will earn at least 2.5 million on its first week. In fact, it already sold a whopping 900,000 copies on iTunes Store alone on its first day of release.

Prior to its official launch, it was reported that they disseminated 3.6 million CDs to retailers. It was also anticipated to reach 1.5 million hard copy sales in its first week while the digital edition could trade up to 1 million with a total of at least 2.5 million.

If "25" is going to sale as stated, it will become the 20th album that reaches a million sale copies in a single week in the Nielsen era. Also, it might be the best selling LP of 2015, surpassing Taylor Swift's "1989," with 1.74 million this year, as documented until Nov. 12.

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