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How Men Expect A Lady To Dress For A First Date

Contrary to the popular misconception that we guys are not concerned with the appearance of our romantic interest to the first date, we actually do care a lot than we admit. In the real sense, women are known to be more fashionable than men but that doesn’t mean we have no idea or expectations as regards how we expect our ladies to show up for dates.

For these reasons, we take a run down of what we expect the ladies to look like when they turn up for date requests.


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Dress appropriately

It is a known fact that ladies dress better than guys, but we also don’t want our women seeming overdressed for the date. For this reason, it is essential you determine the kind of date you’re going for. For instance, going out on a stroll would mean you have to dump your heels for flat soled shoes just as you wouldn’t want to appear in a casual shirt and jean for dinner at a upscale restaurant. It is ideal to have an idea of where you’re going to so that you can make prior fashion plans and not look like a fish out of water.

If you’re going out to the mall for a quick snack, it is cool to go a notch higher than you’d normally appear. That is if you’re normally dressed casual, wear the best pair of what you’ve got. We guys appreciate the way the female curves turns out in skirts and we also won’t mind if your a stickler for flat shoes. Fancy restaurants and occasions would require you to dress nicer as we would like you to complement us. It won’t be a bad idea to ask us what the place is like as that would provide you ample information on how you should appear. Lovely black dresses, shoes and a bit of jewelry would be cool for upscale events. Your shoes should look nice and clean and could be flats which allow for versatility. Heels should only be worn when you’re very comfortable in them as we do not want to have the awkward feeling that you are in pains or need saving when you trip.

Be comfortable

We believe that it is necessary for you to appear comfortable with us as if you are not, it may have a negative effect on our self esteem. There is nothing as bad as you constantly checking the time or fiddling with your top or skirt. That is why we advise that for you not to send the wrong impression to us, it is best to wear what you are most comfortable in. More so, try as much as possible not to put on clothes that have recently come to be in fad or entirely new clothes as the chances are you haven’t gotten used to being on them which would inadvertently send us the wrong signals.

Furthermore, when you wear clothes that you are comfortable on, it sends us positive signals as regards your fashion style and appearance which would make us avoid bottleneck surprises in future. This is important to reduce shock value and undue expectations. Also, remember not to wear shoes that you don’t feel comfortable on even though they look very nice and fashionable on you. It is cool to reject the temptation of putting on uncomfortable heels and opting for a more comfortable and nice flat shoe. Yet again, do u on new pairs of shoes to the first date as you could harm your feet whole we also notice how uncomfortable you were.

Stand out

Apparently, a whole lot of ladies don’t want to be flashy and noticeable so as not to choke us, it is still however cool to stand out with your appearance. This is quite important as it will form wonderful memories if we get to hit it of. Also, it will draw our attention to you more and increase our interests in you. For this reason, we advice that you come out different but still have the conservative appeal. Look for things that would differentiate you from the crowd, be it jewelry or your clothing. Other individual accessories would help stand you out too.

Moreover, you can wear a colour that brings out your individuality and sexiness. Boring colours are a turnoff while sharp colours like red would be a nice idea. You definitely want our attention and something with life will surely get it.

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