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FUT Chemistry

In order to have a supreme FIFA ultimate team in FIFA15, it is important to build your team with players who mesh well on the pitch. This is the process of building team chemistry.

Why is the chemistry important?

The chemistry determines how well the players perform as a unit on the field. Having a team with mediocre chemistry will hinder the player’s performance on the field. Therefore the chemistry correlates with the player’s abilities. The club manager also plays an important role in the team chemistry. Chemistry in FUT is broken down into two sections, individual chemistry and team’s chemistry. The team’s chemistry consists of the sum of individual chemistry of each player in the squad.

An interesting fact for FUT players: The chemistry of the players and team, directly influence the player’s stats before playing a match.

This is the chemistry break down of your FUT squad: Individual player chemistry varies between 0 and 10, and the team chemistry is the sum of all player chemistries, which is between 0 and a 100.

The chemistry of the individual players is determined by several factors. When using a 4-2-3-1 formation, players should be assigned to their natural position in order to increase the player’s chemistries. To further improve on the chemistry of the players, each player should be linked to their teammates by club, league or nationality.

For example, Oscar (Chelsea’s midfielder) playing at center attacking midfielder with Diego Costa in front as striker will create a strong link. However having Oscar playing center defensive midfielder side by side with Toni Kroos would create a weak link for reasons such as:

Both players play in two different leagues/clubs
They don’t share the same nationality
Center defensive midfield is not the natural position for Oscar

If a player is strongly linked with his teammates, it can be identified by the color of the connection lines. The connection lines are red, yellow and green where red is bad and green is perfect.


To know if a player is suitable for a position the color code will be shown directly under the player. If a player is been placed in the active squad playing the right back position but is naturally a right striker the light that appears under the player will be red. If that same striker were to be placed in a 4-2-2-2 formation in the right strikers position the light under the player would be green.


When a chemistry of 10 points is unable to be reached for individual chemistry, it is possible to gain a bonus chemistry by selecting a manager of the same league or nationality of players. In addition to using managers from the same league/ nationality, this bonus chemistry can be gained by using players who have actively played in 10 matches or players that are pulled from packs.

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The chemistry of the team is very important as it evaluates the health of every relation in a club. The familiarity of the players and the manager in your squad increases the efficiency of the team. To get an idea of how important team chemistry is EA released a statement stating: “a bronze team with chemistry 100 can win without great difficulties a gold team without chemistry”.

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