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I buy retina-a now I'm here 1001 cream not just the generic brand name but the 1i every night as the 0.025 percent plan on the next higher want to use during that summer when I cannot as dry but for the winter I definitely turned to death and her sketch and you do have to beat it per Scott this from your dermatologist and that how I got it but I have really loved what it did for my skin I actually got it because I did suffer Miracle Phytoceramides from a lot of Chinese guy and hyper pigmentation I've been on about a year and they say that bad how are you have to be on it be four you feel really great result I must say that I have I love that stuff but you're not familiar with retina-a I will say that my dermatologist told me that if the top two corners and I'll acceptance which was crazy because if you're not for cutaneous is a very based on acne medication that I actually on that's why not if you want me to do. Hall I'm video my history with my medication for acne no I B where the happy to do that but well Miracle Phytoceramides and they typically a visit there very high exfoliate and whatever just send your skin thou the very quickly wherever you put it wanted to delay on your face I do I'll I that's already are now onthe night phase back I just make sure but I let my skin dry and absorb argon oil for as long as Icon be for replying the ran et and I have noticed that I do you still feel Argyll a little bit want to I am I right now but it doesn't do anything I have noticed any difference in Nepal and fear anything like that for taking care that.

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