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Ever since Ben Higgins broke uber sweet JoJo Fletcher's heart on The Bachelor, we've been dying for the now Bachelorette star to get her shot at true love. And finally, the day has come to meet all 26 of JoJo's contending (and might we say sexy?) men for season 12 of our favorite show.


Photo: Courtesy of ABC NewsThe guys come from a variety of backgrounds, one claiming to be a "hipster" while another happens to be an erectile dysfunction specialist. Umm, that's hot? But who we're most excited to see on this upcoming season, which airs on May 23, is NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers' younger brother, Jordan. We mean, come on...JoJo and Jordan?! We can already hear the wedding bells.

So because we can't contain our excitement around another possible Rodgers' wedding (helloooo Aaron and Olivia Munn, just get engaged already!), we'll start off with Jordan's super sweet entry to ABC for The Bachelorette season 12.


Photo: Courtesy of ABC News"There's a lot to like about this contestant, and not just because a hometown date with him could include interviews with his older brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers," ABC News wrote. "He gave a clever answer to the TMI-baiting question, 'What's the wildest thing you've done in the bedroom?' ('Try to hang a TV on the wall without directions or a stud finder,' he wrote). Rather than brag about his famous sibling, he gushed about how much he loves his grandparents. 'They broke the mold after their generation. They are the most loving people and best example of love and selflessness,' he wrote."

Now, we don't want to discount the other men who are vying for JoJo's forever love, so we picked a couple um, interesting, boys to highlight. Take Daniel for example:

A male model, Daniel considers himself to be the human embodiment of a Lamborghini. He brought it up twice in his bio, writing that he doesn't have a tattoo for the 'same reason you don't put stickers on a 'Lambo' and that he's 'very comfortable' wearing swimwear in public because 'why have a 'Lambo' if you park it in the garage?' He doesn't like to be embarrassed on dates, and the worst, he wrote, is when a woman doesn't look as good in person as she does in photos."


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Or what about Nick S.?


image:bridesmaid dresses melbourne

Photo: Courtesy of ABC News"A former Eagle Scout, Nick S. seems to admire men of mystery, writing that he'd love to be Don Draper or James Bond because 'they kill it.' He's chased a mountain lion, hates 'scary cheeses' and hopes one day to run a ranch and tomato farm."

Not exactly sure what "scary cheeses" are, but we have to say we're super excited to see what goes down this season when JoJo meets all of her contenders! You can read the full bio snippets of the men here.

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