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Not a rant more a thought I've had FIFA 15

So after the recent patch I feel fifa 15 is ruined for me, not in the fact I cant play I've never been very hung up on win/loss. Its now I don't feel any enjoyment when I am playing, it just doesn't seem fun which is a shame as I was enjoying it up until the patch.

The point I am making is that now the game is (for me) nothing like it was, It feels nothing like the demo which I enjoyed a bit and made me look forward to it, It feels nothing like the game I spent money on buying points for and it is nagging away at me.

I am not that bothered about the money as its not a great amount, its more the principle that I never asked for the update and never had the choice to take it or leave it. It was forced on me and has spoiled my enjoyment making me not want to play anymore and wasted both the money I spent buying the game and the money spent on points where I wouldn't have minded carrying on the way it was.

Am I justified feeling a bit annoyed or does anyone else feel the same?

Passing now is just shocking, no idea how EA can ruin passing when passing was fine.

I actually think that when the game was released, some small tweaks to defenders and goalkeepers and the game would have been fine. It just seems like the little noobs cries to EA that pace and LB+Y balls were no good so EA made a change because ever since the first patch the game is becoming more and more based on pace.

I think if EA just looked at PES, looked at reviews on PES they will see that PES have got the perfect balance. I think EA have to make some big changes to the next few FIFA titles because I can see PES getting better and better in years to come, and if they get licenses, servers and graphics sorted, EA will be left behind in my opinion, and I know of a lot of FIFA 15 Coins gamers who have/did play PES and will agree with this.

Only the graphics and licensing make FIFA a better game. For a fun, enjoyable game, at the minute PES is miles in front...but its what EA needed...without a real contender they had no reason to make changes, now they have that challenge it will be interesting to see what they do..if anything.

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