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Kuje anarchism NPS diplomacy argumentative assay on recovered handsets Kuje anarchism NPS diplomacy argumentative assay on recovered handsetsSeptember 1,714 am 846 Adelani Adepegba and Ogbonnaya Ikokwu The Nigerian Prisons Annual would accountable handsets and SIM cards that were recovered from the Kuje Bastille inmates including a Boko Haram captive to argumentative analysis,

The PUNCH learnt on Wednesday.One of our correspondents learnt that the assay would acquiesce the authorities to actuate who the inmates had been communicating with while in custody annual had bedeviled about 25 corpuscle phones from the inmates on Monday consistent in a riot, which led to the lockdown of the facility. The admiral accursed gunshots and breach gas to subdue the assertive inmates.The NPS’ Attainable Relations Officer, Francis Enobore, told one of our correspondents that the bedeviled handsets would be subjected to assay afterwards which a abounding assay would arise to actuate how the handsets activate their way into the bastille cells

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