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Recognizing True Brands - more than money can buy

Because we live in a global world, it has become almost impossible to prevent the imitation of copyrighted products produced by some of the world's renowned fashion labels.

Luckily, for one reason or the other, people stay loyal to these brands as their product offers them something 'extra' even if it costs them an arm and leg.

A variety of things fall under these extras, mostly intangible, but highly coveted; Status, Prestige, Confidence and so on. As a result, even though there are high grades of fake Louis Vuitton bags all over the world most of which comes so close in terms of outward appearance to the original and usually at prices way cheaper than the original, some people still part with some hundreds or even thousands of dollars to acquire an original Louis Vuitton bag.

Celebrities worldwide have played a major role in pushing these brands further in the international scene. These celebrities are seen at the most prestigious events being photographed literally each second as they move and some designers take the opportunity to create brand awareness either by offering to provide an outfit for these celebs or getting celebrities with positive images to represent their brands.

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For instance in 2011, the internationally known designer label Chanel, picked Blake Lively (known as Serena in the young adult series Gossip Girl set in the heart of Manhattan, New York) to be the star feature for the Chanel campaign for the label's Mademoiselle bags!

This fictional character portrayed by Blake Lively is considered as the "it" girl, socialite and fashionista who has worn the hearts of many especially young women all over the world. It's no wonder Chanel picked her as the face of its Mademoisell bags.

Blake Lively is even quoted as saying that ‘Though I am the face of it, I will carry it like every girl. I will always feel it's more than just a purse. It's a quilted case filled with lipstick, love letters and the dreams and possibilities that I have always felt every time I see that beautiful "CC"! Yup!

That’s how this star recognizes the Chanel brand as offering her more than a quilted purse with a signature "CC". These are some of the extras that imitations fail to provide to customers hence girls worldwide looking for dreams and possibilities would pick their entire savings to purchase an original Chanel Mademoiselle bag without compromise.

Another of my personal favorite designer labels is Hermes. Hermes is popularly known for making the Birkin Bag which was named after an actress and singer Jane Birkin.

An original Birkin bag has number coded locks and keys which are enclosed in a leather lanyard carried by looping through a handle. The metallic hardware (locks, buckles, keys, etc.) are plated with gold or palladium to prevent tarnishing.

Hermes 'extras' includes offering a spa treatment that is, reconditioning of overly used bags.

Most of all, a Birkin bag is a symbol of wealth due to its high price and elusiveness to the public. As such celebrities such as Victoria Beckham (wife of footballer David Beckham) is reported as having a Birkin bag collection worth more than 2 million US dollars!!! She even owns one that cost her $122,000 (a diamond encrusted Birkin).

Now how do you recognize your favourite brands? And what 'extras' do they offer you?

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