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Responsibility was actually bring high-quality medical care it was about his communion with God in-service to the poor so we knew these lessons in with Outlook you know people can do this for all different kinds reasons but we want to take the task providing healthcare for poor people intern into not me into not only a sort of social service but be serious about it figure out what it takes to build these kinds of systems think hard about what everyone on the face of the planet deserves can we really say that vaccines are really miracle phytoceramides important for children in development developed countries but you know we just can't do it for poor countries we do that at great risk especially with things like swine flu and size what we know from those epidemics is epidemics become global very quickly so I are beginning was one where medical doctors to we're both perform in our both anthropologists in for us understanding from an anthropological perspective what it takes to build these kinds of systems was central to our intellectual project but the third part was we wanton execute we wanted to do it really right we wanted to figure out how to actually do in other words it wasn't enough for us to just stand upend declare that we we're on the side the poor declare that we love the poor as some would argue as Paul than the white argued that Albert Schweitzer did we actually fell that it was our I’m more responsibility but also a professional responsibilities doctors actually execute around the values that we spouse so one of the things we use of course was community health workers and illiterate often we have been building up the skills for community health workers so that they do it nurses do in most miracle phytoceramides other healthcare settings it's former employment and we found that they actually follow algorithms far more effectively than physicians and sometimes even nurses and do a great job and they've extended our capacity to deliver care very broadly and we planted so this is the this is the area that you saw before and something happened about fifteen years ago we kept planting trees everyone told us represent don't forget about planting trees just.

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