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Roncalli College put on fashion and art show to fundraise for arts department

Long hours setting up will all be worth it to see everything come together for a team of Roncalli College students putting together a fundraising show.

Around 10 students were hard at work on Tuesday transforming the hall with lights and a catwalk, ready for "An Art Affaire" on Thursday night.

The show is being held to help raise money for the school's arts department and the students in charge are hoping to get a full house.

Roncalli College students Kallia McCoid, left, and Emma Batchelor were hard at work yesterday setting up for

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It is showcasing fashion from local fashion shop Evolv and fashion designer Daniel Kwok. Kwok was a former international student at Roncalli and has since completed a design degree at Otago Polytechnic and had his designs shown internationally.

The show also includes musical entertainment from students and a silent art auction of work by photography and art students.

Stage manager and year 13 student Kallia McCoid said students were modelling the clothes and her only worry was their heels on the catwalk.

McCoid said she and head of sound and lighting Emma Batchelor had been working on the show for a month and liaising with teachers to make it all come together.

Year 10 student Batchelor had been given a "crash course" in how to run the sound and lighting system last year by the year 13 students and had been in charge of it for the year.

Although it had been a lot of hard at work setting up, Batchelor said her favourite thing was watching everything come together on the night.

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