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who don't know nothing about the safari park,I will write something.

A safari park is like a large zoo, where the animals live conditions.
there are many safari parks in the united states,and they are very popular places to visit.
One of the most famous,Great Adventure, is about two hours from New York City New Jersey.

You can visit some parts of a safari park on foot.
Here you can see the animals that are not dangerous, like giraffes, zebras, camels and antelopes.
the animals walk around as if they were in Africa.
But safari parks also have lions,tigers,leopards and other dangerous animals. These can't be kept with the giraffes,zebras, and so on,because they would attack and eat the less dangerous animals. they could also attack the visitors, so you have to drive through the parts where these animals live.

You have to keep your windows closed,and you aren't allowed to get out of the car.
It isn't a good idea to take a new car into this parts the park, because the monkeys climb on the cars. they often scratch the paint, and they sometimes pull antennas and windshield wipers off.
Safari parks are much better than ordinary
zoos, because the animals don't have to live in small cages.

I hope have help you about the American culture.

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