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Higher than it already years over something crazy and stupid but it seems like the majority of the time he's disrespectful and always standing up and tell me that is not gonna do something images really irritates the hell outtalk me when he does that I get that you don't like all his behavior what I'm trying to get you to get is that your reaction to it your method to it you cannot manage the situation with intimidation and succeed you cannot be allowed mouth abusive bully and succeed and I'll guarantee you that sale he sees you I guarantee you that's how she sees you guarantee that's how she sees you when you were doing what you're doing is miracle phytoceramides that what you want for yourself that's not what I want know that what you’re doing are you being a loud mouth abusing bowling apparently I guess I am no I'm asking you said you would be honest do you are you did I just answer your question no yes I just did well yes you read againcuz I'm not very smart I think you're smarter than your plan of right now to be honest with you well I'm not even close to being finished speaking to Drew and I haven't even gotten to speak to ready a you do not want to miss tomorrow's show if you suspect child abuse please call the Child help National Child Abuse Hotline at one 804 a child that's 1 800 422 4453 and understand help is available 24hours a day seven days a week don't think they'regonna pressure you into doing something you don't want to do you don't have to give your name you don’t have to do anything you don't want to do they will answer your questions they will give you information you will not be pressured to do anything so don't be afraid pick up the phone thanks for being here solo.

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