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Most of the time we just can see what is wrong in our lives. Why is it easier for us to see and to feel only what is bad while we know that in many cases these bad things aren’t so much bad as we thought. We can’t forget what is more important and more precious in our lives …Living is just enough to be happy.

Life is a most precious gift that we have right now. You can breathe perfectly, you can talk to all people you want at pleasure. I have only one advice for you at the moment: Be careful with your mind!
Many people say that their lives are not the way that they wanted. I have thought about it and I started to pay attention to my mind, my feelings and I was surprised to myself because I was thinking this wrong way and I decided to stop to judge myself and my life. I stayed to say this phrase again and again like nuts. I do that I could change these bad thoughts. Better late than never!

I thought this was a big idea.
I know you must be thinking how you can do it too! How can you change your mind and your feelings about your life in this time? I must talk to you that every change is hard but if you really want to be happy you will need to make some effort.

Please, believe in yourself. If you want something believe that you can have it. If you want to be different, special and important for yourself or somebody, stop it! Hey, you already are all these. If you want to change something because somebody wants … hey stop it again!
You have no changed anything because somebody told you to do that. You must have in your mind that everything can be changed if that was good for yourself.

Life is yours.

You are the principal actor or actress this show. You decide what must be changing or not. Live your life the best way as you can. You deserve it. You deserve to be the most wonderful person on the face of the earth.


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Comentário de Daniel Messias de Figueiredo em 15 abril 2009 às 1:47
You are beutiful!


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