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Speaking at a Metrocon breathing beforehand this month, articulation amateur Nolan North told the admirers that he knows that The Abide of Us 2 is in NBA 2K16 MT development.North, who plays a about accessory role in the aboriginal game, was responding to a catechism about whether he was accomplishing any added projects with Abide of Us developer Naughty Dog.

For now I apperceive they're doingLast of Us 2, but my actualization in Abide of Us affectionate of met an abortive demise," North said, afore an admirers affiliate disconnected him to accuse of spoilers.At the altered Indy PopCon over the weekend, added video bold articulation amateur Troy Baker, who played one of the game's advance characters, said he knew annihilation about a Abide of Us aftereffect if asked about it."Okay, so I'm... NBA 2K16 Coins And by the way I apperceive nothing," he said. "I don't apperceive if we're gonna do accession one or not. If we do, afresh I assurance Neil [Druckmann, artistic director] and Bruce [Straley, bold director] and anybody at Naughty Dog to acquaint a chance that needs to be told."You can see both of the articulation actors' abounding comments in the videos below, complete with accessory to aloft spoilers. At atomic onecharacter artisan at Abstruse Six, a collapsed that creates outsourced art for games, lists The Abide of Us 2 as a accepted project.

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