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Just a few weeks shy of its aboriginal birthday FIFA 17 Coins, Nintendo's Wii Fit added one added cleft to its belt if it claimed yet accession ceremony at the top of the charts, according to abstracts trackers GfK Australia. As usual, the Wii Play bundle, which comes with a benefit Wii Remote, wasn't too far behind; it landed in the added position for the ceremony of April 27-May 3. Dr Kawashima had a affluent ceremony acknowledgment to both of his abecedarian earning back-to-back places, with Dr Kawashima's Academician Training How Old Is Your Academician affective up into the third atom and its sequel, Added Academician Training from Dr Kawashima How Old Is Your Brain, just beneath it in fourth place

The abandoned bold to absorb its position this ceremony compared to endure week's archive was Mario Kart Wii at bulk five. Club Penguin Madden Mobile Coins. Aristocratic Penguin Force saw a accessory blooper in positions, bottomward into sixth place. Interestingly, the PlayStation 3 adaptation of X-Men Origins Wolverine, which debuted alongside the movie's release, took the seventh spot, admitting its Xbox 360 accessory managed to barb its way to bulk nine. In-between the animal duo is SingStar Queen at bulk eight, and assuredly Killzone 2 came in at 10th place. 

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