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the edge of my eyeliner then it going in with

the edge of my eyeliner then it going in with the tissue to wipe off any excess and then I'm also wiping away any fallout from underneath my eyes that time for false eyelashes and today and using red cherry number 43 eyelashes then going back in with my segment Emanate cover up any that simply showing end to fix any gaps in my island next and meeting and my face and I’m standing up with prime to prep ask info foundation say anything this imperfection primary by Larry L and just rubbing it into the center Opuderm Premium Skin Care my face to fill in any cause all fine lines in and the foundation and using them makeup for the Haiti foundation and yea it actually matches my skin tone now that I have a 10 and I'm just letting the same with my trusty Real Techniques package next I'm using my Mac Pro Longwearconcealer to hide my docs echoes and to highlight if you already watch my videos you’ve probably seen this a million times before but for anyone yeah I put this in triangles and my eyes between my eyebrows and on my chin and keep ...

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