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The heel as a signifier Christian Louboutin Replica

The heel as a signifier Christian Louboutin Replica of rank. Pattens and chopines were two different kinds of soles people used to attach to the bottom of expensive shoes to keep them clean from mud. European monarchs' influence also aided in turning the heel into a statement of social importance. For example, Catherine de Medici of France and Mary I of England wore heels to increase their height and impress their respective courts. By 1580, privileged men and women Jimmy Choo Knockoffs wore heels to signify their own importance and social standing. In the 1700s, King Louis XIV of France decreed only the rich could wear red heels. While in Europe, these were used to show social status, but in Turkey and China heels were used to keep women from running away a superior male figure.
The 18th century saw a decline in heels. In France, Napoleon tried to destroy anything perceived as a sign of excess, Jimmy Choo Aggy Waxed Suede Boots including high heeled ladies shoes. In the American colonies, witches were accused of trying to seduce men because they wore heels.
The 1860s saw the heel making a comeback. Sewing machines made shoe manufacturing quicker, and heels became a beauty statement as they emphasized the arches of women's feet.
In the 20th century, the high heel's popularity continually fluctuated. Cheap Wedges At first women demanded practical and comfortable shoes. However, the 1920s and the rise of Hollywood celebrities donning heels revived its popularity.

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