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Blade & Soul game launched on January 19 with 22 servers in NA and EU and added 6 new servers as well as increased the capacity 2 days ago. Blade & Soul gold has undoubtedly become the most popular MMORPG in NA and EU. It’s not enough as all new servers are also full and that has urged NCsoft to continue to add new servers.

Therefore, another 4 new servers are coming, 2 for NA and 2 for EU.

North America:

Twin Wagons
Spirit’s Rest

"While these four new servers mark the last of our reserve hardware, we already have new hardware incoming even though delivery and configuration process is still expected to take time," the publisher wrote at the forum. It’s not surprised for an MMO with such cheap blade and soul gold of hype. The concern also comes. When the hype is over, will some servers gradually lose a significant number of players? 

Another concern lies in the fact that there's no free character transfer, which prevents some players from being able to play with friends in the same server, and that could hurt the community a littble bit.

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