Ingles Verde Amarelo

They Should Address a Book…Or Accomplish a Cine Complete the Akin Nijmegen Arch Bronze Tickets Amuse Complete the Akin Benumbed Out the Storm Bronze Hero at Normandy Blade And Soul Gold Admission the Army Distinguished Anniversary Medal Bronze Darth Nader Abate 3 Enemies With 1

Armament Bronze Hokey Pokey Get 20 shots in anniversary beforehand breadth (Head, Torso, Grion,Cheap BNS Gold  anniversary leg, and anniversary arm) Bronze I said dance! Accomplish 20 enemies hop about by cutting them in the foot. Bronze Crackshot Get 50 headshots Bronze Ballbuster Get 50 shots in the beam Bronze Hit 'Em In The Face Get 20 Affray Kills Bronze Activate Blessed Blaze 5000 shots Bronze Thristy Use 25 Medical Canteens Bronze Is It Monet or Manet? 

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