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Cities Skylines' latest amplification backpack 'Snowfall' will absolution on February 18 Paradox has announced.The amplification will be accessible for $12.99 although a UK bulk has yet to be confirmed. You should apparently apprehend it to bulk about £10.99 agnate to the aboriginal amplification 'After Dark'.Snowfall introduces a new acclimate arrangement that challenges players to accumulate the cartage abounding during blizzards and body a snow plough annex to advice rid the streets rid of snow Cheap NFL 16 Coins. You'll as well allegation to accumulate an eye on electricity demands as citizens about-face up the heating and accede ambience up a new tram arrangement which is able to abide animate whatever the weather.Cities Skylines launched in March 2015 and awash over 1 actor units aural its aboriginal ages on sale.Source Paradox Interactive New accepting to analysis out

Godus Wars an RTS copy of Peter Molyneux's latest God adventurous Godus is now accessible on Steam Aboriginal Admission 22Cans has announced.All backers and owners of Godus will get Godus Wars for chargeless and all new buyers of Godus Wars will accept the aboriginal Godus at no added cost. The aboriginal Godus will be removed from alone auction however NFL 16 Coins.The anew accessible Godus Wars carries the lower bulk of £10.99.Take ascendancy of one of four Deities anniversary with altered play styles abilities and powers.Use your adeptness to action over 7 assorted continents through hundreds abnormally advised and adjustable levels.Collect over 20 altered Adeptness Cards with potentially bags of variations and use them to accretion the high duke in battle.Control all-embracing armies with up to 50 altered assemblage types from Archers to Catapults!Wield up to 8 boss God Admiral to accompany adverse abolition or aegis to your followers.

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