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I work at a vet clinic and daily I see dozens of poor animals suffering from different eye disorders. Recently we have started using opticare ointment in treatment of these conditions and we have never received so much positive feedback for any other optical treatment. Owners of the pets we treat with opticare report almost immediate disappearance of ophthalmic symptoms. So definitely, opticare is an effective and safe medication.

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Last month my rottweiler ran upon some horrible bush in the forest and badly hurt his left eye. It got red and swollen, some liquid was constantly oozing out the eye and definitely the dog was nervous and it was clear he suffers. We were on a camping too far from any vet clinics but luckily our neighbors also had a dog and had some Opticare with them. This ointment saved my Theodor's eye in less than two days. I've already bought a tube myself.

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