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I tried Chantix 2 yrs ago. I was 63 and smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day since I was 18. Had quit cold turkey 2ce for more than 2 yrs each time, but ended up going back to the cigarettes. No one ever told me there was support, so I just took it as prescribed. During the first week I had NO ability to cut down, much less quit. I was going thru a breakup of a 20 yr relationship and did not get suicidal feelings, I got homicidal ones. I am soooo not a violent person, and wanting to hurt someone was something I had never experienced. I became really agitated and short tempered. Finally gave up after 2 mos (never did manage to totally quit smoking). Took me about 3 mos to get back to normal.

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I began using Chantix last September, not really believing all the claims. I smoked for over 40 years and actually still enjoyed smoking. I actually couldn't believe the results. I have been completely smokefree since October 1, 2008! The stomach discomfort was minor and I actually experienced very nice dreams while using this product. This is a truly awesome smoking cessation product!

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This is the second time I have quit on Chantix. The first time was 2008 for 8 months, and I went back to it when I had a really big change in my life. So now Im trying again and today is two months no smoking! Side effects are lousy; insomnia, weight gain, water retention and yes these are actual side effects from the medication and not a result of quitting.

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