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Post-patch thousands of individuals believe the game has changed. What the changes are that's not important.

Now the funny part is that Robb and EA deny any changes made to the game.

So either thousands of players who play this game daily and blind and mentally challenged or EA is hiding from something.

If EA were to come out and admittedly say that they changed aspects of the game without letting us know.. Do you know how bad that is for them and the outbreak that would start? Best thing to do is deny deny deny.

The other funny part of this is the chatter of the patch has gone done because Robb and mods ban users one by one if you talk about the patch and changes made repeatedly. I have several friends who have been banned because of this.

How hard is it to believe that EA FIFA 15 Coins actually changed the game without letting us know.

Robb is nothing but a forum dictator who is EA's *. (Pupp-et is censored for some reason.)

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