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Às 21:13 em 8 maio 2008, ANA PAULA disse...
I think so...

Às 17:21 em 10 maio 2008, Deda disse...
Hiii wellington!!
How are u???
Lets to speak English!!!
Take care
Kisses and hugs
Às 23:13 em 10 maio 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hello Wellington,

Glad to meet you. Welcome here.
I am studying English and want to learn a lot with you.
Good night.
Às 23:24 em 10 maio 2008, Mirelly disse...
Yes. My name is different, but there are very people who call me of “Mirella”….rs…rs…rs. It´s normally for me, but I don´t like.
Your name is differente too.
Às 17:10 em 11 maio 2008, Deda disse...
I'm fine too!!
Thanks to be my new friend and for "a nice girl" rsrsrss!
What do you like to do??
Where are you from??
Às 18:02 em 11 maio 2008, Deda disse...
hahhaaha you are so funny!!!
"Nice girl"...yes I liked that you called so^^
Sorry with my Huga-Buga English...
I know Sao Jose dos Campos...I live in Itu where everything is BIG...but I'm a litlle and nice girl hauhauahaua
Às 22:02 em 12 maio 2008, Clarice disse...
Hello! I'm fine thanks. And you? I want to learn English and stay here. I hope to learn. It's work out = dará certo. Make reality my dream. You understand?
Às 23:13 em 13 maio 2008, Deda disse...
Chile??Next week??
I think is a good idea!!But is a work or a tour?
Às 21:12 em 16 maio 2008, raquel disse...
hello!,não sei falar quase nada inglês, vou tentar me corrija se estou errada!! I work wich executive aviation. I love airplanes, I´m flight attentand,but I´not work which this, I´m secretary,in the
cia services the aircraft.viu como não sei falar !!!cancei um pouco, a gente se fala outra hora!!!
Às 23:48 em 16 maio 2008, Deda disse...
Hiiiiiiii nice guy!!!
I was already feeling saudades of you^^
Hummm I think that you don't read this scrap before your trip...
but even so I go to write ^^ rsrsrrs
Someone tell me that you is very very jealous...Is it true??

Do you always travel on business??
Às 8:35 em 19 maio 2008, Deda disse...
Hiii Wellington!
I'm fine and you??
I didn't know that Saudades had translation...because in Japan don't have this word...Japanese people are a litlle serious that's why don't feel saudades...rsrrsrs.But I'm an exception because I miss you!!rsrrss
Thanks to teach,my dear teacher!!!
Às 23:05 em 24 maio 2008, Deda disse...
Hiiii my friend!!!
I'm very happy that your trip was unforgettable!!
Did you take pictures??I want to see!!^^
I imagine Cordilheira dos Andes is so beautiful...
You're the only one here!!!
TAke care
Às 11:16 em 26 maio 2008, Deda disse...
I think you're too nice guy!!^^
I love to fish too,but on the sea I have a little fear...My dream is to know Bonito/MS!My father likes to fish,he has many fishing tackle...

I started studying English this year on January soon after when I came english is very poor,but now that I talk with you I want to speak very well^^

Sometimes I think that I'm a boy,because I like soccer,F1,to fish...hahhaa no,no don't think wrong things of me^^
I like to be woman,to put on a dress,to make up,to cook...rsrrrss
I'm very crazy!!!
Sorry to say nonsense thinks!!But with you I feel comfortable to say anything!!

Your friend died in a motorcycle accident??I'm very sad too...But now he is near the God,looking for everybody that his love...

Às 22:34 em 28 maio 2008, wellington disse...
Hello Girl !! thanks for the nice guy !!
How are you? Very nice you like to fish. What do you mean for fishing tackle?
Very nice you started studying, it´s really nice, congratulations ...
It´s really enjoyable you say that sometimes you think you a guy ... I´m really happy you say me anything you want ... feel free to say anything anytime.
Don´t worry about my friend ...thank you very much for the words ... I´m a litte bit better now...

Às 14:03 em 30 maio 2008, luiz h pinheiro disse...
Would you like to be my friend??
Às 20:49 em 7 junho 2008, Deda disse...
Miss you...
Às 9:26 em 8 junho 2008, Deda disse...
Hiii my friend number 1!!!
How are you??
Its true...we are friends but i don't know anything about you...
I'm 25 years old^^;
Do you have MSN??or Orkut??
Às 23:21 em 18 junho 2008, Michele disse...

i'm student here in the USA.
but i'll be back to mu country in december, i hope so...
i miss Brazil a lot !!!!

Às 8:42 em 25 junho 2008, Deda disse...
Hiiiiiiiiii my dear dear friend!!!
I don't forget you!!!NEVER NEVER!!
I was a little busy with the university tests,but now I'm on HOLIDAY!!
Aiiaiaiai my friend,thank you for always to say that I'm your number 1 friend...That's why I love you!!With all respect!^^

So you have a baby...How old is he??What's his name??
I'm single,don't have boyfriend...totaly free rsrsrrss
But who knows 10 years ago,I married and have a dream^^;
Willy you are very special friend!!
Sorry pelas besteiras e brincadeiras..
And sorry take so long to answer...
miss you
Às 16:10 em 30 junho 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hello Wellington,

How have you been?
Lately I’m very busy in my life. Sometimes with my family, business, pos-graduation, work, etc. Do you know, doesn’t? My day is long…
Is very difficult for me entering in the site and answer the messages, but I hope that you understand my situation. However, I hope that you have one great week.


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